Monday, October 14, 2013

Walking With Angels

"There's nothing quite so sweet as tiny little baby feet." - Unknown
   Our Wee Lass is now walking and things have gotten quite interesting once again in our home. Furniture corners seem like death traps, my back aches from being used as a walker, and we're all on constant monitoring duty. The Wife and I have been reminded how little we get done when our little butter-bean is awake these days. It really takes all of our time when she's up. Now that she's walking, she's more into things than ever before. We find that she'll go from the bathroom, to the garbage can, to the stairs, to the crockery cabinet,.....all in rounds that keeps us on our toes. (....sigh....)
   We get so excited for each new phase our little ones reach. I truly believe that most of us do not wish away any of the precious time. There were enough friends and family in our lives before we had children, telling us the folly of being to eager for the next step in our children's lives. That being said to us more than once, we were more prepared to enjoy each phase. Having said that, I'll admit that we were throwing bags full of pennies into the wishing well with our 'Lil Man. That kid was into EVERYTHING, and we're still pulling our hair out with him. It takes a lot of patience, with some more than others, to slow down the pace and really absorb what is happening in life. Case in point, the videos we watch with our oldest. As she watches herself in amazement, The Wife and I can't believe our eyes when we see that same girl as a baby, then toddler, and so on. We ask ourselves if we appreciated the moments as much as we could, and then use those discussions to guide us day by day.
   Now don't let me get all sappy on 'ya. Just today, we were out front working on projects, and our Wee Lass was getting antsy in the Pack-n-Play. I slapped her little shoes on and took her for a walk, because I'm a great dad. Yeah,.....not so much. I was back up the driveway and placed her right back in her prison within minutes. In no time at all, she had gone after rabbit poo, chewed gum, a dead beetle, and a sand based trail with her little hands.
   I realize that while I AM walking with angels, I'm bound to "step in it" every once in a while. Keep both in mind, and expectations will remain high, but not too lofty that it comes crashing down on you. Enjoy the moments as best you can. I'm still just in the beginning, and I can already see it flying by. We all need to try to slow it down once in a while, as in not time, they'll be off to run into the street or something that'll give you another heart attack.

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