Sunday, December 16, 2012

Teaching Your Children To Be Brave

"Electric communication will never be a substitute for the face of someone 
who with their soul encourages another person to be brave and true." 
 - Charles Dickens

   Recently, our little family was at a local store, who was sampling the latest in prepared food delicacies. My offspring are an example of Pavlov's bell in action. They bug their old man for a taste of the local treats, whether they be an oatmeal they don't like or the latest, non-alcoholic wine (oh, boy). The common thread is that their courage has always come from their parents. Until this moment. 

   I lost sight of the 'Lil Man for a moment and by the time I looked over the above scene was taking place. With bravery mustered, my little guy approached the station with hands in pockets. "Can I have some more pwease?", he eeked out. With patience he waited, and was rewarded, with a glorious toothpick of warm honey baked ham. Victory was never so sweet. 

   Now let it be known, that The CheekyDaddy was a bit of a wall flower growing up. I didn't realize until later in life that caring about what others thought was a waste of time. Now that I am comfortable in my own skin, I try to show my children that hey can be brave in life. My 'Lil Miss is still working on it, but my boywill try anything.

TIP: Do one brave thing a day. When in the presence of you children, they'll see it's no big deal.

   So keep in mind that your children follow your lead. My father was a bit of an introvert. I plan to break the cycle and show bravery every day in life. I challenge you to remember...

Be brave,


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