Sunday, December 23, 2012

Good and Bad Visits With Santa

(Photo Credit: Emily C., via Yahoo!)

"Oh please, there's only one fat guy who brings us presents, and his name ain't Santa." 
- Bart, The Simpsons

   I saw the pics of Bad Santa Photos over at Yahoo! and couldn't resist a little commentary. Take a peek at the link, as those are some FUNNY pics. I don't know if we as parents should be a little ashamed of the terror that we inflict on our little ones, but it's funny nonetheless. 

   We've been through some crying ourselves with our first two. This year, both 'Lil Miss and 'Lil Man were excited to see St. Nick. Our Wee Lass is too little to notice, so time will tell for her. We've all seen the reaction to any new figure that looks MASSIVELY out of the norm. Characters at Disneyland can have the same effect. How we deal with that as a parent is up to the parent AND the mood. Do you want to ease them into it with explanation? Or do you toss them in the deep end and start filming? Good times. 

   I remember a few visits with Santa before the magic left. Then I saw The Polar Express on opening night in the theatre. The magic was back, and I cried like a baby. I didn't realize how much I missed the magic of the season. The tradition of St. Nicholas and all that surrounded him. Share your stories, please? 


p.s. Here's a pic of The Cheeky Daddy, December of 1975

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