Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cute Child Pictures

buttocks (n) [buht-uh ks] 

Synonyms: back end, backside, behind, bottom, bum, butt, derriere, fanny, 
fundament, gluteus maximus, haunches, hindquarters, posterior, rear, rump, seat

   As my 'Lil Man gets older, he's taken on simple bedtime tasks. He brushes his teeth, washes his face, gets his PJs on, and so forth. Now that he's potty trained, he takes care of "nature's business" as well. I went in to check how far he'd gotten down the checklist and glanced down to see a half moon staring back at me. I remembered the line from Austin Powers "It's like two hams!" 

   I don't have a ton of cute child pictures, but I have the ones that count. I'll never been on America's Funniest Home Videos, but I have the ones that make me chuckle. I feel so fortunate to have access to the kinds of pictures I have of my wee ones. They're precious to me, both pictures and the kids. I try to back up from my computer's hard drive to an external once every month or so. There's a review of the top 10 online backups here. It's not such a chore and I know I won't loose ALL my memories in one computer crash. That would be terrible, and I've heard of it happening. 

   I hope we all can grab a candid shot or two along the way. If not to make us laugh, then to use as blackmail when we need them to do something later, once they've grown up a bit (insert evil laugh). 


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