Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Thing About Grandparents

"Being grandparents sufficiently removes us from
the responsibilities so that we can be friends."
- Allan Frome
   Yesterday's Christmas activities will be entered in the log as one of the best. Good times, good people, good food. It also came with a stomach ache from cookies and chocolates in abundance. Just after dinner our 'Lil Man complained about his tummy hurting. He was almost to the toily when he defiled the bathroom floor. He apologized over and again about how he tried to make it. He was put in a shallow bath, over much complaining. I went back downstairs to help with the baby and was passed by my step-father, who was on his way up to see how he could help. My mother thought he was over stepping his responsibility, but I reassured her that it was worth a try. After a minute or two the crying stopped and I said, "It must have worked." I went back upstairs to peek in his room and saw the scene pictured above.
   A grandfather lay next to his grandson. His big booming voice was now a soft hum of love, attention, and understanding. His big burly hands were now a soft blanket of comfort and affection. My 'Lil Man was calm, quiet, and sweetly responsive to grandpa's questions meant to distract. Once he was sure his job was done, he silently excused himself while we finished an early bedtime routine.
   The thing about grandparents is, they're needed, no matter what. The quote above hits the mark like none other. They're excused from parental responsibilities that we enforce on a daily basis and can give attention and support to add on top of what parents provide. It was there in LARGE amounts last night, and my heart was full upon seeing it.
   I see varying levels of participation as grandparents through friends and close family. In a day where parents are needed more than ever, I see that applies to grandparents as well. My hope is that we can all have that too. Happy holidays to all of you and your families.

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