Saturday, December 22, 2012

Tradition In A Sweet Movie Moment

"I had one when I was eight years old." - The old man, A Christmas Story.

   My brothers and I watched A Christmas Story every year since about '85 or so. Even into our marriages, it comes out for viewing if we're together or at home with our own crew. I dusted off our copy and watched it this morning with the kids. They usually last until the opening credits are done on any film, and then proceed to bug anyone they can. They ended up watching the whole thing!

   I can recite most of the film from memory, so I know what's coming at each scene. So it surprised me when I started to tear up at the end when The Old Man watches Ralphy open his BB gun gift. I watched the parents and their reactions to the gift and each other. As my 'Lil Man is getting older and I ponder what to get him for birthdays and Christmas, the scene seemed to hold more special meaning. While the score helped set the mood, the reaction The Old Man has to passing on a tradition to his son was what got me. Sure, the entire rest of the film he was a stereotypical dad from that time period, but it was a sweet moment. 

   For a movie, it hit the mark. I pondered a bit on that feeling and what I'd be passing onto my children. Tradition says they'll be getting an orange in their stocking, a Whitman's sampler in there as well, amongst other small treats. I have a football for the 'Lil Man and books for our voracious reading 'Lil Miss. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Keep the traditions alive!


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