Monday, December 31, 2012

Blog Anniversary - Art Projects

"I intend to live forever -- so far, so good!" - Stephen Wright
   Today is The Cheeky Daddy's 2 year anniversary. As with any two year old, there's been a lot of kicking and screaming. I started off strong, slowed down after a bit, and am now back in the game. Time certainly flies, but I find that even in the busiest of times, I can fit in posts about being a father, husband, or just me.
   For my bloggiversary, I painting plaster horses. They were a gift to my 'Lil Miss from her horse riding grandmother. It was the Fantasy Plaster Horses that are only $12.97 at Walmart. They were super easy, there was plenty of paint to complete the two enclosed horses and cleanup was a breeze. The time with my 'Lil Miss on some "arts and craps" as she calls it was priceless. It was a fun project. The above pic was my little side project to commemorate The Cheeky Daddy's 2nd blog birthday. Fun stuff.
   Being New Year's Eve, be safe out there, and all my best.
('Lil Miss hard at work painting her Fantasy Plaster Horses)

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