Sunday, December 9, 2012

Changing A Lock - My Everest

"A man who is 'of sound mind' is one who keeps the inner madman under lock and key." - Paul Valery

   That is unless you're 3 year old has locked the door, which turns you into the madman. WHAT THEN!!! A few days past, our 'Lil Man locked the downstairs bathroom door, which for SOME reason, was outfitted with an actual 5 pin lock handle by the previous tenants. 

   The problem: We were given no additional key to the bathroom, and the front door key didn't work.

   Solution #1: Watched YouTube video here on how to make a paperclip lock pick set, as I had none. Then spent nearly two hours over the next two days patiently trying to pick that darn lock. 
   Solution #2: Borrowed an industrial power drill and titanium bits from neighbor to drill out the locking mechanism. The titanium drill bit broke (fig. 1) as I pushed too hard when it got past the locking pins, but I pulled out the broken drill bit piece and used a long pair of needle nosed pliers to turn the locking inner hand turned lock rod to open the door. 

   Lesson Learned #1: Asses if you have locks in your house that do not have keys to them. Headaches WILL be averted. 
   Lesson Learned #2: Boys aged 3 years or under don't understand the concept of "don't lock the door", so please refer to Lesson Learned #1. 
   Lesson Learned #3: When drilling out the locking mechanism, you only need to go about 1-1.5" into the center. Past that is the Unobtainium turning rod, that will ruin your neighbors drill bit made of FREAKING TITANIUM!
   Lesson Learned #4: I think I should learn to pick locks BEFORE the crisis. 
   Lesson Learned #5: Keep your composure, as even at the end, mistakes can be made, as evidence by my installing the new handle backwards (fig. 2) preventing the door from closing. Grrrrrrr.....

 (fig. 1)  

 (fig. 2) 

   We discussed why we don't lock the doors inside with our 'Lil Man. The concept was learned fast when he was dancing to go #1, and the downstairs restroom was out of commission. Let's face it, there were a LOT of lesson learned on this one. Hope this helps someone.


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