Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Creating Memories Through Old Traditions


"Nothing I've ever done has given me more joys
and rewards than being a father to my children." - Bill Cosby
   While my father admitted to me that he had a hard time relating to us four small boys, he did try to do things along the way that showed he cared. One of my favorite memories was when he needed to shave off his full beard at one point in his life. To mark the occasion, he set up the camera and then took pictures with us boys, ALL of us making funny or though faces throughout the ENTIRE process. We went through lamb chops, fun-manchu, handle bars, full mustache, the Hitler, all until he was clean-shaven.
   While I only carry a goatee style beard, I do have some fun when I'm in need of a trim. The above pic is my last round with the kids. They think the process is fun, and the pics are funnier. When all is done, they look at me with curious eyes and ask, "When are you going to grow your beard back?" Our Wee Lass can't figure it out at all. The Wife always averts eye contact, claiming she can't be seen kissing a 13 year old boy.
   Work on your traditions you might be able to share and pass on to your children. While we only did the shaving pics with my old man a few times, it's one of my clearest and best memories with him. Have fun!
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