Saturday, February 23, 2013

Creative Resumes

“Creativity takes courage. ” - Henri Matisse

   Dunno if any of you saw the recent buzz about the MBA who put his resume on the chocolate bar. It was originally posted on Reddit. It was then picked up and posted on ABC News, filling in the gaps. It was fun to see someone thinking creatively, but also taking a chance. This guy showed some courage in leaving the standard resume format. That being said, it certainly depends on the industry you're going for. I mean, I don't see a person labeling the four chambers of a replica heart with their accomplishments and handing it in to a potential employer with the note "I'll give this job my heart and soul." 
   For most professional jobs, the standard resume applies. However, I was once an artist by trade, and I put out a resume that was,....less than standard. It was a stab a being creative, different, and outside the box. I cringe at it now, but at the time I was a revolutionary. Oh, and my boss told me that while there were about a dozen resumes in one pile, mine was all by itself in another, just before I was hired. 

For your viewing pleasure:

Have any of you ever stepped out of your comfort zone in the same way? 


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