Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Helping With Homework

"All work and no play make Jack a dull boy." - The Shining

   The above quote is EXACTLY what I thought when my 'Lil Miss's teacher showed me her daily journal upon a quick visit one day. My first thought was Jack's work from The Shining. Once past my fear of my 7YO chasing me through the hotel maze with an axe, it made me giggle. Then it made me stare and wonder why she was writing at a descending angle. I was told of some things I could work on with my 'Lil Miss at home, for writing, letters, math, etc. 
   We've recently been working on word spacing and some correct letter shapes. For awhile I thought she'd created her own Elvish language that I wasn't privy too. Alas, no language that floats on the air. Just a lot of reinforcement work at home. 
   My new panic is the for the years to come. How will I handle the periodic table again? Kids are now doing Algebra much sooner than I did. How am I supposed to help with something I wasn't that good at? I'm thinking it'll land somewhere between mom, tutors, my 'Lil Miss's genius mind, and me relearning everything as she does just to help her. 
   I think the key is trying to be a part of it all. I help out once in a blue moon in my 'Lil Miss's classroom. In helping to grade, or test spelling, it's clear that there's a Bell curve. Some kids are quicker and some are slower. It's the kids that are slower for no reason but apathy in the home that bothers me. Some kids should be doing great, but then you see them look at the teacher at open house like "should I care?" Oh, brother. So keep on helping out, even when you're tired, hungry, fed up, and the other kids won't let you get anything done. Help your children with homework. The habit will pay in dividends we can and cannot comprehend. 


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