Thursday, February 14, 2013

Saying Goodbye to Grandparents

"A grandfather is someone with silver in his hair and gold in his heart." - Author Unknown

   It saddens me to say goodbye to my grandfather today. Words help to describe emotion that I feel towards a man I've known for 37 years. I will miss his bright voice, excited to see or hear from all his family. I will miss the way he held my arm, just above the elbow as he spoke to me face to face. I will miss how he always, without fail, asked how my "sweetheart" and our little ones were doing. 

   This is a man I've modeled my life after. From serving his country during WWII, to loving his wife and two daughters for a lifetime. His career of "if you have a great product and excellent customer service" lasted into his eighties has served me well. He had a great sense of humor, LOVED Louis L'Amour books, and told me he always kept a few coins in his pocket, because he "like to have a little something jingling in his pocket." He was always a gentleman, kept a large tin of pure silver dollars tucked away in his closet for a "rainy day", and forgave me for writing my name in his freshly poured sidewalk when I was young.

   My last conversation with him was about three weeks ago. I spent about 20 minutes on the phone with him. He asked how my sweetheart was, and how the children were doing. He asked about my successes at work and how were liking our neighborhood. He told me how much he missed his sweet bride, and longed to be with her. He told me three times how glad he was that I called, told me he loved me, and that we'd talk again soon. It was the best conversation to remember him by.

   He loved his sweetheart SO much, that he passed on within 5 months of her, on Valentine's Day. He wanted to be with her so much, yet marveled at her funeral that his life and marriage resulted in 2 children, 12 grandchildren, and 35 great grandchildren. He was so very proud of each of them, that we all felt loved. I could go on forever....

We love you grandma and grandpa. I'm honored to be your grandson. 



  1. Hello, I really liked your blog and your family
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  2. Sounds like a life lived to the fullest. Sorry for your loss.


    1. We all talked and believe that they were SO dedicated to each other, that's why he passed away so soon after her. They were certainly a couple to model a relationship after. Grandma used to say "You have to work at it. There were some days when I just wanted to punch your grandfather!" They were so cute.