Friday, February 22, 2013

Oreo Pops

Oreos: First you twist it, then,...ohhhh, you broke it. 

   So The Wife is currently cranking out these amazing Oreo pops. She sells them by the dozen over at her Etsy Shop. She's gotten good at themes, holidays, special occasions, etc. She's also created the double-dipped caramel/white chocolate ones (top right). They are the best. Simply divine. 

   I usually help with the first part, in preparing the cookies, sticks, etc. She does all the fancy decorating. What we've found is that it's been a wonderful outlet for her creatively. As a creative myself, it's fun to watch. The residual effect is that we spend a lot of time together after the kids are down making these. We talk, joke, listen to music, and the like. At times it feels like we don't have children for a few hours and we're the pre-children us again. We catch up on hopes and dreams. We discuss fears and goals. It's really been nice. 

   We've also dabbled in furniture restoration, with the same social side effect. I think it's important to note that finding similar hobbies or side projects can result in strengthening relationships, even if you don't mean to. So wife's give it a try, and maybe don't tell him the possible side effects. Husbands, give it a try and be glad of the side effects. 


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