Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl XLVII

"In life, as in football, you won't go far
unless you know where the goalposts are." - Arnold H. Glasow
   So, our family doesn't have cable at the moment. In our move to a new home almost 2 years ago, we whittled it down to Netflix and Hulu. We've been mostly pleased with our decision. That is, until football season. I've missed 2 seasons of fast past, bone crunching, team supporting fun. In an effort to get the game on, I ended up streaming from my laptop to the flat screen. The results were AWESOME! I got to see the whole game, no interruptions, and OH, what a game it was!
   I was born in San Francisco, and have been a lifelong 49ers fan. To mirror yesterday's game, any team I was on growing up seemed to always start off behind. Football, volleyball, and soccer alike, we were always behind. Yesterday's Superbowl headed into halftime with my thoughts leaning to the giving up end of the spectrum. Coming out of halftime, there was the record setting 109 yard return by the Ravens. I was resigned, but then the power went out. One of the announcers said if he were coach to either team he'd tell the Raven's not to start celebrating, and the 49ers not to give up yet. The 9ers had an amazing comeback that was SO CLOSE to ending with a win. It was a great game and I felt my hometown team left it all on the field.
   I want my life to be won that way. Never giving up and conceding the loss. I want to "leave it all on the field" when it comes to work, kids, wife, etc. There are comparisons-a-plenty when it comes to the great game of football. Having played in high school, I relive it all the time. I even dream about it  from time to time. Play hard y'all. Leave it all on the field. Good luck.

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