Friday, February 8, 2013

Taking Your Child To The Dentist

“Without fear there cannot be courage.” - Christopher Paolini
   So this week was our 'Lil Miss's first trip to the "grown-up" dentist. Gone are the days of fuzzy bunnies painted on walls, SpongeBob on the t.v. and a mass of toys in the waiting room. I took our 'Lil Man for the experience and the initial few minutes waiting were immediately boring for them both. They got some crayons and paper from the receptionist, which staved off the impending revolution for a while. Then the tech took my little girl back for x-rays. I was told I could not go with her and I saw the fear in my little one's eyes. I gave her some words for encouragement and she was off. Through the glass door, all I could see were her pink glitter shoes, bouncing while she sat in the chair. She came out quite chipper and I assumed it was all downhill from there.
   When she was called back to the exam chair, she took one look at the lineup of drills and suction devices, and looked up at me with a face that said "F&%! THIS!" Pardon the inference, but that's EXACTLY what I was in her face. I asked the tech and doctor for some patience, and they gave it in large amounts. By the end she was a pro, and was eager to hit the prize box. The also gave both kids a party pack of toothbrush/past, floss, and a toy. They wanted to know when they could come back!
   Just like the quote above says, without fear there cannot be courage. Our 'Lil Miss has opportunities everyday to be afraid and let it control her. Sometimes it wins, and sometimes she kicks fear's butt. The dentist was proof. I don't think it can all be done by a child on their own. They learn some or most of it from us. They see if we're afraid of the public, trying new things, etc. I was such a wallflower growing up, that I'm actively trying to teach my kids they should care what others think. Sometimes I think it works, and other times I realized they're looking at me dancing in the middle of a Target like I'm an idiot just like everyone else. Who cares...

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