Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Life of Dad #SuperMilkMan Contest To Meet @TheRock

   This post hails the world premiere of The Cheeky Daddy's Instagram 15 second video for the #SuperMilkMan contest put on by Life of Dad. See, Life of Dad teamed up with The Breakfast Project and put together a kick-butt contest for a number of us dad bloggers to "wrestle" it out over the internet in a battle royal of sorts. We've all been tasked to make a quick video on Instagram, showing what makes us the ultimate #SuperMilkMan.
   Now that in itself is the supreme challenge. Bring the thunder and bring it in a quick 15 second video. The kids and I have been having a good time with the Instagram video feature that's newer to the app. This challenge was no different. My 'Lil Miss seems to have taken on the role of movie star, and loved almost all of it (attention span still leaves a lot to b desired).
   So take a look at my submission, like it on my Facebook page, love it on Instagram, and/or retweet on Twitter. Check out The Rock's ad and commercial for the Got Milk? campaign, and don't forget to have a glass of milk with breakfast or with a nice plate of cookies! My next post on this topic might just be to announce my trip to meet The Rock!

The fine print: The Cheeky Daddy was compensated by Life of Dad for participation in the #SuperMilkMan promotion and contest. All opinions and praise are my own, but milk is good for ALL of us. 

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