Saturday, August 24, 2013

7 Items You Must Have In Your Baby Bag

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"Be Prepared" - Boy Scout Motto

   I was a Boy Scout. Achieved the rank of Eagle Scout, thank you very much. Having boasted about my ascension to the lofty rank of one who should be the model of "be prepared", I've had my fair share of moments when The Wife and I are one diaper short on a long day trip somewhere. In a recent thread in a daddy blogger group I'm proud to call my digi-home away from home, one of my eBrothers posed the question "Where was the weirdest place you've ever changed a diaper?" Immediately I thought of our flight to Maui, early summer of 2011. 

   We left on a Saturday, but had found out our 8MO had a double ear infection and was on an antibiotic. His diarrhea kicked in just as we took off. I mean RIGHT as we took off. He was in my arms, my hand cradling his bum, and he fired one out the side onto my arm and into my hands as the airplane's wheel lifted off the tarmac. I was shocked into silence. The Wife held him while I cleaned off (ahhh-maaaaan! it's all up inside the buckle of my seat belt!!!!), and once we were at cruising altitude, I cruised back to the lavatory with my little buddy's mess. I don't recall being responsible for my firstborn's diapers on the plane, but for whatever reason, those memories don't haunt me like the 5 trips I made to the "standing room only poop party at 30,000 feet". That was some kind of cramped space, but we got by and it left us with some additional experience around what to have in your baby bag, no excuses allowed. 

   I found what appeared to be a list that I agreed with in full over at That's like the camping list for anyone getting ready to go to scout camp for the first time. Put it ALL in there, and then take things out as you don't use them,.....ever. That's the tough one though. 'Cuz you just....never....know. There are 7 items you must have in your baby bag. The ones you will flog yourself for NOT having in there are: 

Diapers - Whoa, man. Don't be caught without them diapers. The formula appears to be one per hour you'll be out, then a few extras in case of, know, life? 
Wipes - These bad boys are multi-use and a lifesaver for more than just the dirty jobs.
Hand Sanitizer - Once you've been in "surgery", you're gonna want to clean up a bit.
Changing Pad - With some of the places my eBrothers have changed their 'wee ones, you'd BETTER have one of these in the bag, or you should be ashamed of yourself.
Extra Clothes  - Too many times to count have we showed up to an event with children in clothes they did NOT leave the house in.
Snacks -  The unholy shrieks of your children might, just might be related to them being hungry. Snacks will exorcise the demons until you get a proper meal lines up for them.
Diaper Rash Cream - Salve that soothes the trouble soul. In other words, rashes can get out of hand in mere minutes on occasion, and this stuff takes up little room to NOT put it in there. Nothing says "I love you" like a nice shellac layer of cream on your kid's junk.

   These are the 7 items that our little family of three little ones has learned are indispensable. I advise to hit that list at to assess where you're at in terms of preparedness. We can't all be Boy Scouts, but as parents we can plan ahead and not be taken off guard.
   With a lengthy sign that indicates that I've been there,..............I wish you good luck.



  1. Really enjoyed reading this although hope we don't experience the same sort of things as you guys when we go on our first flight with our four month old son next month. One thing I'd add to the list of things to put in the diaper bag would be some sort of bag for the dirty nappies in case you have to change them somewhere outdoors.


  2. Thanks for the comment Jonathan! It was one heck of a way to kick off the trip. The dispose-baggies are a must for sure. We had a thin box of dog mess bags leftover from our dog that had passed away. They are small, easy to tie off, and then dispose of. Pretty cool solution! Take 'er easy!