Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Children and the Art of Deflection

Q: How many people does it take with A.D.D. to change a lightbulb? 
A: I like to ride bicycles!!!

   My buddy, who has a hard time addressing any topic head on and for very long, told me that one. Children and the art of deflection are a well known battle between parents and their offspring. I think a short novella documenting the practice should be written, much like The Art of War, etc. It boils down to this:
child is busted -----> parenting ensues -----> child deflects with weather comment -----> parent screams

   Our children have the innate skill we call "The Art of Deflection" (our book is coming to sometime in the future). I know all children have the ability, but let's just say, the deflecting force is strong with these ones. It's gotten to be epic this past year. Our 7YO 'Lil Miss has passed on her knowledge to her 3YO brother with maddening effect. I've never seen anyone change the subject faster than my heirs. I'll tell you this much. It's SO maddening, that as upset I might be at the time, it sends me into giggle fits.

   Teaching our young ones to focus on the subject at hand can be a tough prospect. I find the act akin to the old "herding cats" idea. The more serious the discussion, the less focus they have, ESPECIALLY if it's during a lecture on something they've done wrong. we gently nudge them back into the conversation so they learn to keep on task, but it's an uphill battle. They deflect blame, discipline, and lecture like a fly at a picnic. Doesn't that make you feel valid as a parent?

   So it's with a sigh of anticipation for the inevitable that we continue to try to keep our children's attention. As we teach lesson, dole out punishments, and explain correct social interaction, I look forward to more wandering eyes and random phrases to throw me off. These are the lessons that will shape our little ones, and it's our job to teach them, not matter how little interest there is to hear them. Our parents dealt with us at one point (or still do, know who you are!), so we can pass that on.

   Our children are our greatest responsibility, so,.............................hey, is that a caterpillar?


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