Tuesday, August 13, 2013

#SuperMilkMan Contest To Meet Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson!

"Can ya' smeeeeeeeeeeeeeelll what The Rock is cookin'!?!" - The Rock

   Who wouldn't want to meet The Rock, a.k.a. Dwayne Johnson? I mean, really!? He's an athlete, actor, advocate for so many great things, and one heck of a funny guy! Well, The Cheeky Daddy has partnered with Life Of Dad and The Breakfast Project campaign for the chance to meet this larger than life character!
   In the next few days, The Cheeky Daddy film crew will be producing a 15 second Instagram video to be posted on thecheekydaddy.com and other venues for viewing. View, stew, and share once you've seen it. If....when I win and meet The Rock, I'll give a loud shout out to my blogging peeps fo' sho'. Here are some of the details:

   Make the time and get yourself to the Twitter party this Thursday, 8/15 at 12pm EST. The biggest reason to join is the company. If THAT'S not enough to grace us with your presence, the hosting crew will be giving out 5 “The Rock – Milk Gift Packs” (valued at $98 each) and one Grand Prize of a 16GB iPad Mini Grand Prize (valued at $329)!
   Remember to follow me @thecheekydaddy, as well as our host crew @LifeOfDadShow and @MilkMoustache. Co-hosts are @ChrisRoutly, @TommyRiles, @CuteMonsterDad, and @DiaryDad with the event hashtag #SuperMilkMan.

   Don't forget to check out the #SuperMilkMan promo commercial. My kids love it and request to watch it at least a few times each day.

Can you ssssmmmeeeeeeeelll what The Cheeky Daddy is cookin!!??

The fine print: The Cheeky Daddy was compensated by Life of Dad for participation in the #SuperMilkMan promotion and contest. All opinions and praise are my own, but milk is good for ALL of us. 

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