Monday, August 5, 2013

Treats and Desserts - Draw The Line

"And almost everything you'll see is eatable, edible.
I mean, you can eat almost everything." - Willie Wonka

   Anyone else have a treat monster living with them? They look like everyday children, but go nuts at the sound of the ice cream truck, or certain keywords like "dessert" or "treat". It's the sound of my youth and has been adopted by my own wee ones. Summer is highlighted by many things. The smell of a barbecue, kids running through sprinklers, and so on. Never to be left out is the ice cream truck. When you hear the faint sound of the simple lullaby, your heart pace quickens and you start to pat your pockets to see how much money you have. It all goes south when you decide that you're now a grownup who has your OWN money, and can spring for an Astro-pop anytime you want.

Watch out parents, for your children pick up on that VERY quickly.

   I met a family back in '94 while I spent a few years in southwest England. They had a few children, but none matched the evil in their youngest. He was around 3 years old, and a royal terror. He was a biter, kicker, nut puncher, etc. I began to fear any upcoming visit to his house. One day we were all hanging out, and I heart the faint sound of the ice cream truck approaching. As the mini-demon was winding to hit someone else with a stick, I saw his face go from anger to a blank stare. Then it turned from blank stare, to sheer terror. He screamed and ran to the back of the house, where it hid as far from sight as possible. I looked a the boy's father and asked what that was all about. He chuckled quietly and said, "I told him that it's the boogie man, and he drives around looking for kids to steal." He gave another quiet laugh, and that was that.

   We don't have to be THAT dedicated to the cause of squashing the treat monster. When it comes to treats and desserts, moderation in all things is a good motto. Know where to draw the line for your family. I've had to explain to my own little ones that dessert is not presented after EVERY meal (yes, they ask after breakfast, lunch, AND dinner). Through teaching and consistency we're getting there. You can too. Just don't use the boogie man. Please? That was quite the sight.


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