Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Young Woman and Her Clothes

"It burns! It burns us! It freezes! Nasty elves twisted it. Take it off us!"
- Gollum, Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

   The above pictured jeans are what we sent our 'Lil Miss to school in today. The quote from Gollum is how she reacted to having to wear pants, and what's worse,....jeans. I've never seen a girl so averse to dawning the denim. To be sure, she's a sun dress girl. However, when the colder months require, she's happy to wear leggings. The current problem is how badly she abuses them during recess. The latest round of "ponies" has ruined the last of her good leg gins, hence the jeans. Her reaction was SO bad, she was invited to attend school in her underwear. She wore the jeans, but with bitterness in her soul. 

   I have a niece who was anti-dress. She plays the cello and told me recently that her choice was, in part, due to the fact that she could NOT wear a dress to play it. Smart move. The questions becomes, do we allow fashion freedom, at what age, and how far? Or do we as parents enforce some form of dress code that includes the clothes they don't like as if it were some kind of vegetable? 

   Considering my 'Lil Miss is currently only a 7YO, I'm dreading the years to come, and that's just clothing!!! I'm not even close to thinking about boys 'n stuff. One day at a time Cheeky Daddy, one day at a time. 



  1. I love this because I have a 9 year old boy who will NOT wear jeans. While he doesn't favor sundresses :), he LOVES basketball pants. I guess that's the equivalent of moms wearing yoga pants? He says the same thing...they are too tight, too stiff and uncomfortable. He wore his dressy cubscout shirt with basketball pants the other day. I give up.

    1. Funny enough, I was anti-jean for YEARS. I spent the 7th grade in Bermuda shorts. Not a SINGLE day in pants or any kind, even through the winter and rainy months. I agree with your 9YO, as at the time they were too tight, stiff and uncomfortable. Now that I can take naps, hammer up drywall, rock my baby to sleep, etc. in them, I look back an realize the problem. I had sizes that were too small, or cuts that were too slender on my legs. I still HATE huggy jeans. They need to be loose, pre-worn or washed, etc. Carpenter, painter, etc. are all acceptable. Perhaps that would help?