Friday, March 8, 2013

Child Illness - So Sick I Could Die

"I'm so sick, I feel like I'm gonna die."

   I know we've all felt that way at some point, yeah? Today my 'Lil Miss was told she'd come down with bronchitis. She woke up last night with a 101 degree fever and has been tired and glazed over all day. She's had a nasty headache, and put herself to bed for a nap mid-day with the chills. At 7 years old, I'd wondered what she might be thinking about feeling so icky. I found out. 

   I was still at work and got a text that said, "So if this doesn't break your heart...she's feeling so horrible that through tears she just asked, "What happens if I die?" 

   THAT'S what she's been thinking about? I guess I've felt that way, but I knew I wasn't on my way out. The Wife had to calm her down and they were able to see the pediatrician before the day was out. I thought a bit about what life seems like to our little ones. Do we remember worrying about that kind of stuff, before we knew more about life 'n stuff? It really did break my heart to know that's what went through her young mind. I'm happy she voiced it, instead of keeping it in and stressing. 

   Always talk with your children. The little chats along the way, keep the communication going, and will add up to the ones that you're glad they came to you for. Granted, I'm still in the "ouchy" phase. I know that means one day, she'll be comfortable coming to me for girl stuff, boy stuff, stuff stuff, etc. Just keep talking. 



  1. Good plan, Jason!

    Yes, I have felt that way when I am sick. In fact, I sometimes feel that way as a grownup and the Missus has to calm me down! :)
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  2. I dont' seem to get sick all the often. However, when I do, boy to I ever! It's like train, bricks, etc. all at once. No fun, and yes, I feel like I'm going to die. Nice to the have the Mrs. to help out when it does.