Monday, March 18, 2013

Board Games - Taking It Back A Few Years

“The most effective kind of education is that a child should play amongst lovely things.” - Plato
   Some time ago, we were gifted the board game set pictured above. The Wife and I have used it off and on since then, and it was at times a nice diversion to a young 'Lil Miss. These days, as you can see, it's being used in a more productive manner. The chutes 'n ladders game is the favorite, as the others are too complex. Checkers is next on the list. I think the point is that we're trying to take steps to encourage a WIDE variety of activities with our children. So in our home of electronics, it's been nice to take it back a few years with our array of board games.
   Our kids are already plugged in. They've been iLiving for several years now and have impressed our older generations with their tech savvy. I'm amazed how how many gaming messages are in the email outbox when my 'Lil Man is done with his turn on the iPad. I mean, how many friends does he really have to share that stuff with?
   When I watch my children play, I see how each activity can build an array of skills. Motor, social, strategy, competitive, etc. As a father, I love to see them play together. There are moments of revolution and words are had, but most of the time it's a serene environment. We usually put on some music and they play our kids friendly board games for any length of time. They play by the rules, break the rules, and make up their own rules.
   I love the diversity of what we have our little ones involved in. What sort of activities do your family partake in that we might try out? I'm "game" for anything.


  1. Our kids love "trash". Its a card game

  2. I just looked up the rules of play at Wikihow and think I'm going to try to teach it to my 'Lil Miss tonight! It looks super fun! Thanks for suggestion Mommy Ref. Much appreciated.