Thursday, March 14, 2013

Easter Oreo Pops In Production!



                                              'Lil Miss: Daddy, do you have a sweet tooth?
                                              Me: Yeah, it's right, (pointing). 
                                              'Lil Miss: (thoughtfully) .....I hope I NEVER loose my sweet tooth...

   Ahhh, Easter. A time to celebrate by passing out on the floor in a pile of Cadbury Egg wrappers, and a chocolate ring around my mouth. This year The Wife and I have been spending our evenings creating Oreo Pops (I posted a few weeks back in Feb. for Valentine's and St. Patrick's here). It's been such a fun process learning what works and enjoying each other's company along the way. In a time where all our waking moments are sucked away by those oh-so-beautiful children of ours, we needed to find an outlet for us. 

   Hence the Oreo Pops! The above confectionery creations are the Easter edition, and can be found on The Wife's Etsy shop: The Cheeky Cafe Etsy Shop. It's been fun to send these around the country to people having parties, family gatherings, 'n such. They ship well, and taste super! We thought that one would never be enough as a stand alone treat,...then I had my first one. I needed a tall glass of milk after, but boy, did it hit the spot. 

   Take a peek if it interests you or someone you might know. I thought I'd share. If for nothing else, to pass on a way The Wife and I have found a way to connect, create, feel productive, and sneak in some sweets! We usually have an extra one or two that the children can have some fun with the next day. Man, they know how to decorate. So it's become fun for all of us. Get 'yer bunny on! 


P.S. Here's an old 'toon I did, showing how I feel every Easter afternoon. (from my art blog post "Too Much Candy"). 

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