Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hiding Places


Hiding Places

I see you there, sitting alone.
It's really quite cute, but hand back my phone.
Just one minute more? Okay, my sweet.
Just remember if you break it, the end you will meet.
I walked up on you with the softest of steps,
And saw your sweet piggies and quite nearly wept.
You and your force field, your castle, your cave,
A place where you would quite happily stay.
I remember the days I was right there with you,
As I shut out the world to experience things new.
So enjoy these quiet moments and treat them with care,
As we all know they are short and will not always be there.
You have just more minute, I see how hard you tried.
Just remember, you break it, and I'll have your hide.

Daddy '13

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