Tuesday, March 26, 2013

When To Feed Your Baby Solids

"Did you know babies are nauseated by the smell of a clean shirt?" - Jeff Foxworthy

   I was listening to NPR today and a segment came on titled Survey: Parents Risk Babies' Health By Feeding Them Solid Food Too Early. A couple of things were mentioned that solidified why we do what we do in our home. The Wife, as has been mentioned before, is a research nut. It's really a talent of hers and she's tried to keep up on all the recommendations when it comes to care for our children. She's been diligent with nursing, even when our little ones treat it like they're being water boarded. Her diligence includes not giving solids to the little ones until 6 months old. We're there now.

   The NPR segment mentions that those who choose to start early are running the risk of chronic conditions such as childhood obesity.The CDC has some Childhood Obesity Facts that are a good reminder of why we need to keep that in check. The epidemiologist that was interviewed, Kelly Scanlan, mentioned that there is no good reason to start an infant early on solid foods. The study that was conducted said that about half of mothers got the impression from their health care providers that it was okay to introduce solids before 6 month, which is untrue. So we're needing to be more clear with our doctors, and they with us.

   This all being said, it's a lot of fun once we can introduce new foods. I've always tried to get video of each new food we try out on each child. The reactions are priceless, whether they be super excited for more, or make the face of utter disgust. I love the gusto in which my little ones go after their food. If it ain't all over, it ain't a good meal. Our kitchen looks like the end of the Animal House food fight. It's a lot of work, but getting our little ones started out right is a huge priority. How are you all doing? Thoughts?


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