Wednesday, March 27, 2013

When Babies Start Crawling

"Whoever wields this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor." -Odin, Thor

   The time has come. Yes, it is now the time when we shall have no rest, yea no sleep. Our Wee Lass now "wields the hammer" of mobility. It's funny,..we knew it was coming, but not so fast! Now we're frantically jumping up from the our seated position every two minutes trying to prevent her from ingesting a block, a shoe, a crayon wrapper, the plague, etc. As our 'Lil Miss is a pack rat and our 'Lil Man is, well, a boy,'s not that easy.
   What does life look like when your baby starts to crawl? First off, there's the baby proofing. That's standard. One must review the state of the rooms the baby will be in. Sharp edges, access to stairs, small items from other children's toys, etc, are all on the list of review and renovation. Depending on how quickly the child can move, grab, and open, baby proofing cabinet and drawers might be right on the heels of the other items.
   The other item that may play into how fast you take care of those items would be how aware you are of your creepy crawler. See, there are two types of creepers in my opinion. There's my Wee Lass, the grunter, who sounds like she's pinching one off with each army crawl she does. This makes her easy to keep track of, and therefore we haven't had to make a ton of changes all at once. Then there's the "binja", or baby ninja. Having mastered the art of the infant ninja within, you turn your head for a minute and the child has the car keys and is halfway to Vegas before you can do anything about it. If you have one of those and need a support system, drop me a note and we can talk. Our 'Lil Man was a third degree binja.
   They are precious moments. Don't forget to capture them on film. Then you'll remember how cute they were after you're done pulling out your hair keeping up with them. Good luck!


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