Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Loosing Your First Tooth

(Photo courtesy of The Wife at The Cheeky Cafe)

"Dear tooth fairy. May I have 3 magic necklaces, and something for my brother." 'Lil Miss

   Our 'Lil Miss didn't get her teeth until her 13-14th month. We were told the old wives tale stated that she'd have strong teeth if they came in late. I was half expecting them to come in platinum. When they finally did, we wondered how long it would take for the to fall out. Her friends were all looking like Canadian hockey goalies late last year. Our 'Lil Miss was beside herself, feeling left out. We kept waiting, until the bottom two started to move. HALLELUJAH!!! The anticipation grew, the discomfort crept in, and last night, as she brushed, it came loose,.....and went straight down the drain. 

   We discussed a note explaining, but is that what a REAL MAN would do? HALES NO!!! I got a bucket, took of the plastic plumbing underneath, and found that 'dern thing! She was super happy, and kept saying, "I can't believe it fell out." Falling asleep took a bit longer than usual, but upon waking up it was worth it. $2 met the end of her slumber and all she said was, "She didn't even leave a note." (See a funny article about kids negotiating from the Huffington Post here). So the tooth fairy may be making a return visit to give her the tooth back (after appropriate processing) for her one time return to place in her baby book. There might be a note involved as well. 

   The right of passage at each stage is clearly evident, and needed. To see her feeling left behind shows how early our little ones need to feel normal, involved, included, etc. The nerves that come with pain and blood were all dealt with in a pretty straight forward manner. It's life. It happens. You'll be okay. Mommy and daddy did it too. Your friends are are still alive, right? Sure, we offered to tie a string from the tooth to the closet door once (not well received, by the way). In the end, our 'Lil Miss seems that much older. As you can see from the pic above though, her two permanent teeth were so far in that there's really no gap to speak of. No whistling S's, or juice spit our through the gap. Just two new ones right there behind. For the past few weeks, she looked like an piranha, or some shark with a double set of teeth! Fun stuff, y'all. 



  1. Great post Jason, I was laughing but I was thinking too! Oh,and way to go above and beyond!

  2. Yeah, the string from the tooth to the door t like I was describing the movie Hostel to my 'Lil Miss. She was horrified