Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter - 2013

(Easter 2010 - I just love the images!)
   Happy Easter to everyone. No matter your perspective or persuasion on the holiday, I wanted to wish you all the best. Spring is such a neat time. Time to clean. Time to get the kids OUTSIDE! Time to rekindle old projects and get 'er done. With the temperate climate of the SoCal area, getting a fire lit under me to get stuff done is the theme of the season. We're already full steam on projects and cleaning in the Cheeky house!
   The basket hunt this morning was fun. Our 'Lil Miss was disappointed that she still doesn't know what the Easter bunny looks like. Our 'Lil Man was just thrilled to get anything. Wee Lass slept though it all. The neighbor combined egg  hunt was put off 'till this afternoon, and should be a great first annual with some great new neighbor friends.
   So from us to yours, with absolutely no cheek, Happy Easter, wherever tho say find you,.....after you've found all the eggs.

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  1. Happy Easter right back at you and very happily following you all over now!! :)