Monday, April 1, 2013

Multitasking With Children

"Multi-tasking arises out of distraction itself." - Marilyn vos Savant
   Over the weekend I was fortunate enough to get to some projects moved along. The Wife and I have found a decent balance so that we both get some time for ourselves. That being said, we also sometimes are so into our projects, that it's hard to stop once on a roll. Case in point: this weekend's art project.
   I've recently had a good start on some wood pallet art on my small but growing Etsy shop. The only issue I've had is "the zone". You see, "the zone" is that place you go when you're SO into the project at hand that you lose track of time and block out everything else. Let's just say, it's tough watching my older two out front when I'm in the garage and "the zone" hits while working on a project.
   So Saturday afternoon, The Wife has a make an Easter run, and I'm watching the two older sprogs out front, Wee Lass asleep in her crib. Halfway through a wood pallet piece (Pictured above, and please excuse the mess. Artist on board.), the baby wakes up and I have to make a decision. Pack it in, or multitask. Que the Ergo Baby and we're back in business! At first she was looking up at me, staring me in the eye with amazement and wonder. Oh, if only all the girls did that. Then she watching me paint like "awwwweee, yeahhhh, THAT'S a mess I can get on board with!" By the time she'd had enough, The Wife was home and took over while I finished the piece.
   Not every opportunity is suitable for multitasking with children. There are a few that work out seamlessly and I found one this weekend. Granted, I'm still looking for the other two kids (KIDDING!). Actually, The Wife and I have noticed that the kids are into projects more, now that they've seen us in action working on the art pieces and Oreo Pops. So I guess it's rubbing off on them.
   I wonder if any one's had similar experiences. I'm always on the hunt for ways to pull of more in the same amount of time. Ideas?


  1. Great job multitasking, Jason! That Ergo Baby thing is great! I needed one of those when my son was small!
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  2. It's funny that I don't wear her more often. The Wife seems to like to do that more. Still, when I wear her, I do it with pride, and some amount of productivity. Her input was not helpful, as I can't really interpret her meaning when she says, "Bbbblllrrrrrppp!"

  3. That was a perfect example of multitasking with a Munchkin. As a writer I know the zone. I haven't gotten there lately with the children around, I normally work when they aren't at home. I'm hoping to soon be able to turn the three young ones at home (9, 8 and almost 6) into what their older sister (now 21) was: scared of me! LOL... New generation, I guess. Love this post, thanks for sharing.