Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sisters - Creating The Bond

"Sister to sister we will always be, A couple of nuts off the family tree." - Author Unknown

   I had three brothers, so the idea of bonding usually entailed some sort of beat down, criminal activity, or other hazing event. I mean, when my youngest brother was born, we were all excited to see how durable he was. By the time my father remarried and had a little girl, the four boys were all married with little ones of our own. We've always been more like uncles that visit once in a while. So having a sister is about as foreign to me as changing a diaper (JUST kidding people,...I've done plenty!). 

   So it's been fun to watch the beginnings of our little gals, yes sisters, creating the bond. Our Wee Lass is quite pleasant most of the time for an infant. Combine that with our 'Lil Miss who loves to be in control, and you get the perfect scenario. They entertain each other throughout the day, or at least once 'Lil Miss is home from school and weekends. The older loves to hold the baby, though she's still a little wobbly doing it. The youngest loves to grab a fistful of big "sissy's" hair and try to ring the bells of Notre Dame. It's a symbiotic relationship. 

   I watch The Wife and her sisters when they get together. I was warned about the way they go a little mental after midnight, and I've certainly been witness to THAT! I sit by and watch the insanity unfold. Aside from the Gremlin effect, it's fun to watch something I never witnesses growing up. The bond that they share has been strengthened over a lifetime, through hardships and successes. I've seen and heard the way their parents nurtured that and hope I can reproduce it in some way. They love to see each other, long for the next trip, share stories, tips on parenting, and a pile more. I see the beginnings of it in my own, and am excited for the fun to come. I just need to remember not to feed them after midnight!


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