Monday, April 22, 2013

3 Ways To Convert Thought To Action

"If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you'll never get it done." - Bruce Lee
   We all have a time in the day that is our "thinking" time. Driving, the shower, after the kids are in bed, etc. It's a time that we catalog thoughts and work through problems, situations, decisions and so on. Mine happens to be the 3-5 times a week that I commute for work. Whether it's to or from, I quite often find myself lost in thought about a number of things. I also quite often find myself missing interchanges or turn offs while lost in thought, but that's just operator error.
   One of the topics that comes up quite often is my flock. The time on the road gives me opportunity to reflect on my family. I work the children's dynamic as siblings, our level of discipline, the friends they are making, etc. If I'm on a long haul, there is so much contemplation around my children that I feel like I should take notes. I sometimes get the opportunity to call The Wife while in transit, so that we might discuss those thoughts in real time.  One of my biggest challenges is how to convert thought to action. It's great to ponder how I could have done better the night before. It's another to actually change my behavior when I see my family next.
   So here are my 3 ways to convert thought to action:
1. Ask yourself if you want to change. I know talking to yourself sound cuckoo, but we all do it, where you admit it or not. Consider, truthfully, if you want to actually make the changes that you are contemplating about during your "thought" time.
2. Tell someone else. If it's a spouse, significant other, trusted friend, and so on, you should consider telling someone else. They can be a sounding board to work things through. They can also be a good reminder that will hold you to your commitment to enact change.
3. Hold yourself accountable. I've seen to many cases where shoulders are shrugged and a goal is shelved to collect dust. You are the end of the line when it comes to making thought a reality. If we can't make changes ourselves, there is no one that will do if for us.
   I'm actively working on a better relationship with my children. As my 'Lil Miss is on the doorstep of becoming a young woman, I'm trying to lay the groundwork now for open communication. With my 'Lil Man being a mere 3 years old, I'm trying to get good communication started, period. I challenge you to consider the above. Find a way to convert thought to action, however that works for you.
I leave you with a tune by Flight of the Conchords, Issues (Think About It)



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