Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ask A Dad - 10 Questions With Writing Pad Dad, Justin Knight

Next up for "Ask A Dad" Q&A interview is the very funny and great writer Justin Knight at Writing Pad Dad. Justin is a husband and father of a handsome "mini-me" little boy. He's always cracking me up with his candid posts about being a father and hubby. Thanks to Justin for some insight into his life. 
1. What's the best part of being a dad?
I'd say seeing my son grow and try new things. Unlike me, he meets new experiences with excitement and enthusiasm. It's great to see.

2 What has been the most challenging part of being a dad?
Managing my time and trying to always be patient.

3. What's your "they never told me THAT" story?
That you never sleep as soundly as you did before you were a dad.

4. What's one lesson you could pass on that you've learned about being a father?
Being a Dad is the most important thing you will ever do. Don't screw it up.

5. How are you able to find time for yourself, or as a couple?
For myself, blogging and reading. As a couple, date nights are a work in progress!

6. How have children altered life's game plan?
Not really. Having a family was always part of my plan.

7. Do you have any tricks for eating or bed times?
I wish I did. Being consistent helps!

8. What's your escape from the chaos, be it a hobby, tech gear, etc?
Zoning out in front of the TV.

9. What lessons do you feel like you're passing on well,...and maybe not so well.
Hopefully, I am teaching my son that life really centers around family. 
10. Mini Van or SUV?

Thanks again to Justin Knight at Writing Pad Dad. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter for your fix for the day!


Be on the lookout for future interviews, Q & As, interrogations and so forth on "Ask A Dad". 


  1. Thanks for including me!
    Justin Knight- Writing Pad Dad
    Writing Pad Dad Blog

  2. These are too much fun, Justin. A fun way to connect with the bloggers we love to follow. Cheers for participating.

    The Cheeky Daddy

  3. So happy to see Just in here today. I am so with Justin on always having wanted a family, but not realizing I would never quite sleep soundly after. Also, as you knew I too am more of an SUV mom then a Minivan mom!!! Great interview and seriously happy to read and share!! :)

    1. I know! Right, Janine?! Justin's the BIZ! The Wife and I waited 7 years after we got married to have the kids. So I don't really think of anything else but the fam as well. Though, as I write this, I'm on 4.5 hours of sleep due to my 6MO's late night "gah-gah" parties. Sooooo tiiiirrrreeeddd. Oh, and I was always like, "Me man, SUV,....ruff, ruff, ruff!" Then I got onto a mini-van in Hawaii that had ALL the bells and whistles. I'm questioning EVERYTHING now!

      The Cheeky Daddy

    2. I knew you'd be with me on the SUV vs. Minivan thing, Janine!

    3. Jason we waited a long while to have a baby too. I think 4 years of being married before we had the Boy. I think it was good for us and I think there are advantages to being a bit older when you have kids (more energy not being one of them).

    4. My energy tank's been dry for a while now. I should poll the guys on Dad Bloggers and see if you get any of that back after the baby/toddler phase is over. Have you heard anything either way?

  4. That's my man!!!!!! I <3 Justin!
    Katie Knight