Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ask A Dad - 10 Questions With The Busy Dad, Jim Lin


This is the first installment of "Ask A Dad". The inaugural interview is with Jim Lin of The Busy Dad blog. Jim is a hilarious father of two, with some great perspective on fatherhood. His humor is matched by his creativity, as there are some hilarious videos he's made. Thanks to Jim for taking some time so that we can get to know him!

1. What's the best part of being a dad?
Knowing that you matter. Simple as that. Your child's every smile, every moment of triumph, every tear -- what you do or don't do impacts that.

2 What has been the most challenging part of being a dad?
What I said above. The most rewarding things in life are the ones that scare you to death.

3. What's your "they never told me THAT" story?
Infants can spray poop up to 8 ft if on a changing table at the right angle. Yes, I measured.

4. What's one lesson you could pass on that you've learned about being a father?
Learn to laugh about it. Parenting is draining if you look at it from the perspective of trying not to mess up. But if you go into it knowing that things will never go as planned, you can at least chuckle and move on.

5. How are you able to find time for yourself, or as a couple?
Get the kids to bed as early s humanly possible. I believe all the great inventions of human civilization were discovered with a beer in hand, after the kids went to bed.

6. How have children altered life's game plan?
Although my son wasn't planned, having him didn't knock me off any trajectories. Maybe it's that I simply create really open ended game plans with endless contingencies. And maybe this should be my answer for the lesson I would pass on.

7.  Do you have any tricks for eating or bed times?
For eating, "put some cheese on it." I don't care what it is. Put cheese on it, and your kid will eat it. For bedtime, both our kids were able to sleep on their own through the night at 4 months. The Cry It Out Method (is that a thing? I don't know. Using initial caps makes it look official) is incredibly effective. At most, they'd have maybe a week of crying it out (just check on them every 15 minutes so they know you didn't abandon them). After that? Like clockwork.

8. What's your escape from the chaos, be it a hobby, tech gear, etc?
Up until last year, it was Muay Thai (been a martial artist 20+ years), but now with my new job and insane schedule, it's Jack Daniels and Netflix.

9. What lessons do you feel like you're passing on well,...and maybe not so well?
Like UFC in the old days, "the only rule is, there are no rules!"

10. Mini Van or SUV?
SUV, unless someone could give me a lifted mini van with flames and skulls painted on the side.

Thanks again to Jim Lin at The Busy Dad blog. Follow him for the latest advice and adventures!


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