Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Print Books vs E-Readers

(pic from Digital Book Reader)
"Men have become the tools of their tools." - Henry David Thoreau 

   While on vacation, I looked around the pool, serene bench areas, hammocks, etc., and saw a lot of books and a lot of e-readers. I know one day, we'll all have interactive hologram interfaces not unlike the super futuristic interfaces of say Minority Report or The Matrix. Right now, though, we're in an epic battle between tradition and the future.
   A Pew Research Center study said that "the number of traditional readers dropped from 72% to 67% from last year, while digital bookworms jumped from 16% to 23%." I read this on Mashable.com and it made me wonder it I'd ever get there. Sure, our family has a tablet, but I'm still an ink and paper guy. The children show more adaptability and can switch between the two seamlessly. I however, have noticed my eyesight changing for the worse. It makes me feel like I should be peering over my bifocals on my front porch at the kids in my neighborhood screaming, "Get off my lawn!"
   So the question is, who are you? Ink and paper, or digi-print? As eye look to get my eye checked and then fitted for my glasses, I think I'll be a hybrid of the two. I've played with the digital version a bit and I'll still be enjoying the smell of the traditional pages for some time. And hey, they make great table stabilizers in a pinch, especially if it wasn't that good of a book. So chime in and let me know what you're using!

Next comes the question posed on Cnet: Tablet or E-Reader?


  1. On vacation, my Kindle weighs nothing. And books mean I have to leave an outfit behind. :) But still, STILL, I love to look at the cover, I like to feel the paper, I like to smell the pages. My son makes seamless transitions to either, and no trees are lost with the Ereadesr. We may be of that "older generation" and books will someday be like records . . .:(

  2. So perhaps the e-readers for trips, vacations, etc., and then paper for our home libraries. At least until we make the transitions individually? I'm sure our kids and grandkids will look at us like we view an 8-track when we're old and are carrying our Nicholas Sparks or Michael Crichton's around, yeah?