Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Daddy Chores

"Learning the role of a father in a child's life and the many things
dads can do is important to becoming a good father." Amy Davidson, eHow Contributor

   I don't recall my father participating in the day to day of us children. Granted, he was gone at work a lot, but part of me thinks he preferred it that way. Given that situation, how was I to know what to do as a father of little ones? Since me and The Wife waited awhile to have our little ones, we participated and observed family and friends around us. I not only picked up on the little things you do to take care of your mini-me, but also how much a father participates these days. Not every dad does, but I think we all see more of it.
   My initial concept of marriage and parenting dates back to the 50's, where I'd go to work and come home to a warm meal, children bathed, and The Wife in a kitchen apron asking how my day was. My world was firmly tipped upside down when I married my sweetheart and realized a few things. She made a better salary than me, got home later than me, and we didn't have kids for several years. So I tried to adapt and help out more with taking turns at cooking 'n such. It was evolving when we decided to have a family. 
   When our 'Lil Miss came along, I was still fuzzy as to my role. The Wife did a lot of the care giving. Most dads have admitted to feeling a bit un-needed in the early phases. At around 6 months, I was asked to start contributing, so I got my feet wet with bathing and eating times. When my world didn't implode, I got more confident. 
   These days, I'm a part of every facet of their lives. Beginning with the night before, we BOTH participate in dinner, jammies, brushing teeth, washing face, stories, night-nights, wake ups, breakfast, making lunch, carpool, homework, and all the stuff in between (diapers, nail clipping, etc.) It's no longer a oddity for me to participate. I can't imagine it any different. When I think of husband chores, I know I'm taking out the garbage, changing a light bulb, driving to the store, etc. When I think of daddy chores, I get me tissue, clippers, rash cream and so on. 
   What is the one daddy chore YOU never thought would be on your "to-do" list? 


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  1. Jason,

    As a former social worker that worked with children and families I can't think of anything that was particularly hard for me to consider.

    However, my son finally finished potty training at the end of last year. When my wife and I are both home I never expected 4 months later for him to yell and I quote, "Dada, I need your help in the bathroom to wipe my butt because you do a better job than mamma!"

    Sigh...such is the life of a stay-at-home dad. Someday, I will be remembered as an expert butt wiper....

    Aaron Brinker aka DadBlunders