Saturday, April 6, 2013

Old Movie Quotes Our Children Use

"Oh, good grief." - Charlie Brown

   Along with all of the newer cartons that our 'Lil Man watches in the morning, we've introduced our older two to the 'toons of yore. Samplings of the old Scooby-Doo, Casper, Woody Wood Pecker. Popeye, and so forth have all gone over well. I've also noted how much I enjoy the effects of Peanuts and the gang.
   The thing I noticed us there's about 90% less yelling than the talking underwater sponge. There's also about 80% less crazy action than most of the new stuff. So it shouldn't have surprised me that I chose "You're A Good Man Charlie Brown" the other night as a wind down tool when the kids were ready for bed earlier than usual. I had the typical requests for something with shouting and action to watch. Yet I instinctively chose an oldie instead. The results were obvious. Kids that were calm and quiet, all the way until their heads hit the pillow.
   There was one side effect. When we think on old movie quotes our children use, remember this story. We're currently on vacation on the Hawaiian islands. With my in-laws next door the kids have been all jacked up on excitement for the hotel experience. With our Lil Miss staying one night with the grandparents, our 'Lil Man was anxious to turn out the last light and hop into bed. We kept putting him off, not ready for that to happen yet. After the 12th inquiry, we both said no again to turning out the light. He took two steps toward the small table, rested his head onto folded arms upon that table, sighed, and exclaimed "Oh good grief!"
We both laughed out loud. He didn't get why. I must add that when I was young, any time I complained around my sweet grandmother, she would roll her eyes and exclaim "Oh good grief!" It's nice to have a timeless classic live on over three generations and make me laugh in turn.
So I'm dying to know, what old movie quotes have you passed on or been picked up on by YOUR little ones?



  1. My dad would say 'Bedtime for Bonzos' and now I find myself saying that.

    Complete tangent: I'm so proud of myself because I told myself I should really look at other blogs more often!

  2. My old man said "Bedtime for Bonzos" too! I never knew where that was from. Do you? Hmmmmmm.