Monday, April 15, 2013

Motivation For Each New Day

"I can't wait for tomorrow. 'Cuz I get better looking every day." - My brother-in-law.

   Whether you're one who throws off the covers and yells "Today is going to be a great day!", or faces the beginning of the week with a fresh case of the Mondays, lets talk. I was once going through a rough time deciding to leave the art profession for health care. I was boo-hooing about how I was an artist and shouldn't have to give up my dream job for something I didn't want to do. My older brother is a great sounding board and listened to me complain about work, money, responsibility, etc. After patiently waiting for his turn to talk, he exclaimed, "Nobody wants to work! We ALL want to be on vacation ALL the time! That doesn't pay the bills and isn't how the world works."
    Story time! The grass is always greener. I was laid off back in '09 or so, and briefly felt a sigh of relief. I took a two week vacation and then hit the job hunt, hard. After a search that lasted WAY too long, I realize that I'd prefer to be productive. So when I look for motivation for each new day as a worker bee, I analyze what might do the job. Is it the next weekend? Maybe. Is it coming home to the kids? For sure. Is it the possibility that I'll have a great day at work? I sure hope so!
   It's not an exact science, so I welcome suggestions. If I'm going to be a lab rat for the foreseeable future, I'd like to do better than just enjoying the beautiful sunrise that greets me most days ERR-LIE in the morning. Any tips? 
   My love for Steven Wright's comedy ends this piece: 

I was at a gas station when I saw two signs. One said "Hiring" and the other said "Self Serve". 
So I went inside and hired myself, took all the money in the register, and then fired myself.

Happy Monday


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