Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blogs, Blogging and Their Inherent Issues

     If at first you don't succeed,....

     With the birth of a new blog, comes all the digi-crap that comes with any new life form. So it is with The Cheeky Daddy. The specific portion of the blog I had issue with is irrelevant. The price came at nearly two hours of searching for an answer. The solution came in the form of abandonment of all hope of fixing, and simply replacing.
     The lesson learned is perhaps to not spend so much time trying to fix a problem that has no immediate answer. I found the answer in the list of Gadgets that Blogger had to offer. I simply replaced old functionality, with new. Point is, don't give up. As frustrated as I was at the end of it (...and since I couldn't actually set fire to the blog), I'm satisfied with the outcome. Now I can move on, older and wiser. Well,...let's not get carried away.


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