Saturday, January 1, 2011

Taking Your Kids To The Zoo

     Not all the animals at the zoo are in cages.
     Thus is was at our first trip to the San Diego Zoo yesterday. To start off with, we were approached by a gentleman on our way in. He was on his way out and had four adult day passes that he did not use. We paid for my daughter and got away with $24 ticket for four adults and two children! Ahhh, miracles.
     While I'm all for courtesy toward others, remember that plenty of others are on some sort of time crunch or personal agenda. We had three grown men literally shoved my daughter out of the way to get a better look at the koala bears. Another gentleman was going to let his kid skip the line to get on the helicopter replica (until loud coughs and "excuses me?" were blurted out by many).
     On the topic of preparedness, I put together a short list of things to remember. As we packed everything but the kitchen sink, we've gotten pretty good at packing all that is needed. At the park we had a MAJOR diaper leak and stood in a decent line for the panda bear, so some of the list below became critical.

A list for your consideration: 

wetwipes (antibacterial?)
water/juice/water bottle (w/extra)
snacks (biscuits, cereal, sandwiches, juice.....and plenty for the way home, too)
extra set of clothes/diapers
moleskin patch (small first aid kit, for that matter)

Especially For Baby

sun hat
baby sunglasses
sippy cup with water
water for mommy
a couple of small toys

* stroller ($10-15 to rent, if needed)

* Blanket(s) (if it gonna be chilly)
* swim suit/towel (if in season)

Best of luck!


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