Sunday, January 2, 2011

Troy Polamalu is Superman

Troy Polamalu can fly,....why, oh, why can't I? 
     In today's game, Steelers vs Browns, Troy Polamalu flew across the line of scrimmage in a perfectly timed leap of faith. Check it out on Yahoo! Sports hereSeriously. He also did it back in September. Check that one out below: 

     In the first link, Yahoo! Sports writer, Chris Chase quoted his colleague/pal Scott Pianowski as saying, "Troy Polamalu is the rare example of a ridiculously-hyped player who lives up to it. He's just as good as the [mainstream media] says he is." Oh, and it's ALL kind of true. His playing takes me back to my high school days and makes me want to suit up and go in for a few plays. Granted, I'd dissipate into dust upon impact with the shape I'm in. But, a guy can still dream. Right, fellas? 


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