Friday, January 21, 2011

Star Wars

Photo by Microkosmic

     "These aren't the kids you're looking for."

     We've all been impacted by Star Wars. We all know how to imitate Darth Vader. We've all dreamed about owning a fully functional light saber. We've all waved our hands in front of a store's automatic door wishing that it truly was "the force" that opened it.
     Now, my daughter is up for any kind of play. She does prefer it to be of a princess persuasion (and NOT Princess Leia). However, my son is displaying typical boy attributes and I'm getting excited about the possibilities. I'm not saying that I'm a super Star Wars geek, though I nearly cried when my Boba Fett helmet was stolen from my work desk years ago (...sniff). Still, I'm excited to share the galaxy far, far away with my own offspring. I hope that we can replay the "your not my father!" scenes with feeling.
     I'm a fan of family, history, genealogy, roots, tradition and so on. Landmark movies like Star Wars (Indiana Jones, Back To The Future, etc.) will be a part of our family's traditions. It was fun for me and my father. I hope it's as much for me and my son. ( your father......)



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  1. Um you should mention how cool your wife is for buying a new Boba Fett helmet for Christmas:)