Sunday, January 30, 2011

Super Bowl Requires Super Nachos

     For years, Sunday night football required "super nachos". They were the staple snack that either never lasted past the first quarter, or served as a half-time treat. We never made a batch for less than four adults, and have made a tray for around 6-8 at a time. The simplest version goes:

Ground meat with taco seasoning, done up in a pan.
Spread corn chips over a cookie sheet.
Evenly spread cooked taco meat over chips.
Add salsa, olives, peppers, cheese, etc. to your heart's content.
Place in oven around 300 degrees until cheese it melted.
Add sour cream, mo' salsa, etc. as you see fit.
.....aaaaaaaaaaannnnddd PIG OUT!!! It's every man for himself.

     A great step by step is listed here at Michelle Cooks Everyday. She puts her own twist on a Rachael Ray recipe, and I dig it. There's also a pretty simple version here at Gringo Bandito (photo credit). Enjoy!


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