Sunday, January 9, 2011

Not Your Average Foo Pets

Foo Pets will only give you so much love in return.

     I had a dog growing up. It was meant to be the emotional detour after my parents split up. That lasted about three weeks, and then our Shepard mix, Joey, spent the rest of his thirteen years out back. That's why, when we decided to get a dog, we did nearly three months of research in preparation. We researched the breed, met the mommy and daddy, and spent some time with the litter before we made our final decision.
     Now, we haven't always needed to do that kind of deep research for all our pets. After the recent passing of our Great Dane, Asia, we moved on to a simpler pet. Guppies. Our one year old would definitely harass anything bigger or more accessible, so that's our limit for now. It's begs the question, though, what kind of pet do you want (Best Friends Animal Sanctuary has a good 6 page helper on choosing a pet here), and what kind of research are you willing to do before hand?
   The decision is always a big one. Heck, these guppies keep having babies. Eighteen at a time. So think long and hard and make sure you're making the best decision for your kids, their age bracket, and the time you can put towards them after the acquisition.
   Woof-woof! (Happy searching!)


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