Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pillow Pet Is The Way To Go

     A man's best friend, evidently, is a Pillow Pet. 

     So listen up, dads. One of our greatest gifts given this season was a Pillow Pet. My daughter had seen them around and knew of another child or two that had them. She singled out the Magical Unicorn specifically and reminded us leading up to Christmas. Someone was listening. 
     She has since used it as both a pillow,......AND a pet. Can you believe it?! Really, it was a great addition to her life. She sleeps on it exclusively, and we can hear her talking to it as she goes to bed each night. A brief history of the Pillow Pet can be found here. They're worth the money in my opinion. She's already smitten by her new friend. Me too, a 'lil bit. Check 'em out.


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