Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We Care A Lot

    "(We care a lot) about you people yeah you bet we care a lot" ~ Faith No More

     We've passed a year on owning guppies. We've added a frog, a small catfish, and a shrimp recently. Today, I got a call on the way home that the frog, apparently, had eaten the shrimp. Now, we had an incident several months back where the ammonia levels spiked and we lost all 18 of our baby guppies, the adults guppies, and our frog (pictured). We never named them, only had them for a short while, and let's face it, they're fish. Yet we put a lot of time and effort into them and felt sadness, especially for the frog, since he got used to being hand fed.
     So today's news was unwelcome, until later in the evening, when the little ghost shrimp came out of the castle cave, and proceeded to clean the bottom of the tank. We looked it up here, and they shed or molt as they grow. The "parts" we saw out the side of our new frog's mouth were just old clothes.
     This, somehow, translated to how much I love and care for my children. Every bump, bruise and scrape hurts us as parents too. I think it's good to notice those things, so that we know just what they mean to us. I'm not saying I want to find my son's discarded skin laying around the house to think I've lost him, but you get the picture. It's these little things that seem to remind me to love and appreciate the little one's I have.


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