Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hey, Ho, Let's Go! To San Diego

     Took a trip down to San Diego this weekend. We hit Seaport Village, which is always a good time. The crowd was surprisingly small for the New Year's weekend, which made it nice and quiet. It was a beautiful day, so it was cool in the shade, but MMMmmm warm in the sun. Aside from a scene right out of Alfred Hitcock's "The Birds", and a son that was trying to dive through the fencing to gain pond access, it was a great time.
     On the topic of my boy, I did get tired of hunching over after awhile. Sure, it's cute to watch him eat bark and attempt to become the first Pigeon Whisperer, but my back can only take so much. We've been using an Ergo Baby Carrier since my daughter was born. It's been a blessing ever since. My wife uses it a lot, but I've logged my own time with this bad boy. I've had kids in the front, and used it with 'em on the back. Both are great and my little guy fell asleep on my back during this most recent trip. Look into it!
     Oh, and if you do get to visit Seaport Village, swing by Kite Flite to pick up your first (or newest?) aerial acquisition. It's right across from the Embarcadero Marina Park, so you can grab a kite and head on over to the "downs", where the ocean breeze makes for great flying. In fact, that's where the above picture came from. I have the best time with my daughter there. She loves to try to catch the kite as it dips down to the ground, only to have it shoot back up into the sky. 

Good times! 


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